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PMLF - Roads & Maintenance

Dear Residents,
Your Road/Maintenance Committee is composed of a good mix of established and newer community members, with experience in many different trades and professions. Many have been volunteering their time over the course of the last few years to help the community, and we’re fortunate to have them with us at this critical time in the life of PMLF. Our intention is to keep the membership informed about what is being done as much as we can, as well as allowing the residents to have a voice and take an active role in our renewal. With all that is within our charge, we welcome anyone to join our ranks as we work to restore and maintain these vital elements of our community:

  • Roads
  • Culverts and drainage channels
  • Clubhouse and surrounding buildings
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gates and Mailbox areas
  • Basketball/Tennis/Handball Courts
  • Heavy machinery
  • Community Vehicles
  • Power tools including Lawn Mowers, chain saws, etc

We have an enormous task ahead of us as we all know, and our pledge is to help the Board do the best they can with whatever funds and resources are available to get PMLF back on track. The challenge is to be able to balance short term improvements in the most effective way and not infringe on funds needed for long term goals. This will be a process that will take time and require understanding, patience, and cooperation on the part of the membership at almost every turn. We’re counting on the community to support us in any tangible way you can, not the least of which would be to maintain a positive outlook about the future. Turning this community around will be more about PEOPLE than anything else, so please try and live in the solution in any way that you can. The following is a general breakdown of what our committee has been doing so far (details will be posted as they develop):


The ultimate goal is to have a system of roads that can be traveled safely and can withstand the weight of heavy vehicles. This will need to be done in phases and over time.

  • Our immediate focus is on Gate 2, along Lake Forest Drive to the bus stop area. We want to have the road repaired or replaced by the start of the next school year so the school buses can resume their normal route.
  • We’re getting multiple bids and recommendations from paving companies.
  • We are consulting with professional engineers as well as others with experience in the industry.
  • We are proceeding with pothole repair as part of regular maintenance. This is a relatively inexpensive way to improve the quality of our day to day lives in this community.
  • We will be addressing the issue of drainage; our roads need to shed water to survive
  • We’ve created a portal on the PMLF website where residents can request pothole repair and notify us of urgent issues they become aware of.
  • Questions/Concerns about road and maintenance issues can be sent directly to the Road & Maintenance Committee at: roads@pmlfcommunity.com.

What you can do as residents to help with the roads:

  • Please stay current with your dues. Nothing can happen without the money to get it done.
  • HEAVY VEHICLES DESTROY ROADS - We can mitigate the damage to our roads by either lessening or eliminating the number of garbage trucks rolling through the community. It would serve our community well to go with a single company to haul away our trash, instead of the five different companies that are currently wearing down our roads. Better still would be to eventually go back to trash compactors. If you are loyal to any particular company, be willing to think of the greater good and go along with using a single hauler for all. A survey on this issue will be coming to you soon.
  • Volunteer to help us when we are doing pothole repair, or even on your own. The board is willing to purchase fill for residents that are willing to use it in common areas.
  • Please clean out your drainage trenches and culverts. This is the property owners responsibility, and without proper drainage a durable system of roads is IMPOSSIBLE. Property owners who are unable to do this on their own can contact the Road/Maintenance Committee and we will try and arrange a service for hire to help.
  • Please KEEP YOUR SPEED DOWN. Excessive speed will undo whatever repairs we make very quickly

Common Areas

  1. CLUBHOUSE - There are issues that need to be dealt with immediately so that the clubhouse is a safe, usable space for the community. Most cosmetic improvements can be made over time.
    • There’s a leak in the roof which needs to be repaired.
    • Mold tests were performed and there is no mold hazard.
    • Internet needs to be brought in.
    • Plumbing and septic needs to be inspected.
    • Generator needs a transfer switch.
    • Game room is being repainted with moisture resistant paint.
    • Cosmetic improvements are being explored by the Beautification Committee, based of course on allocated funds.
  2. SWIMMING POOL - This was the biggest amenity that PMLF had to offer, and we’d like to bring it back as soon as we can. The pool can be made safe and operational again, without the huge expense of all the structural and site work which can be done a little at a time. Being able to offer a pool to the membership and prospective buyers would be a great thing. Because the roads must take precedence over anything else, we’re hoping to be able to open the pool for Summer 2023.
    • We’ve had Strand come in and inspect the pool. They were the service we’d been using for years, and they are confident that the pool can be reopened without major issues.
    • We want to drain, clean, and repaint the pool to halt the deterioration of the surfaces, and get it ready for an opening next season.
    • Make repairs to the coping and cement around the pool.
    • Make repairs to the fence.
  3. Tennis/Basketball Courts - These may be relatively inexpensive to open, so it’s being considered. They are not high priority amenities so they may need to wait. We’ll be getting estimates for having them done as well.
  4. Community Garden Area - The Beautification Committee will be spending time in there to see how it can be made useful again.
  5. Machinery/Vehicles - These are essential to rebuilding and maintaining the community.
    • Backhoe is being repaired.
    • Pickup truck with plow is being repaired.
    • Lawn mowers, blowers, trimmers, chain saws will be all ready for the Spring.
    • Tractor has been repaired.

What you can do to help with Common Areas:

Until we have the money to pay for maintenance companies to make repairs and improvements, we need volunteers from the community to help. If you have the time and knowledge in any of these areas, and want to help bring this community back, please contact us:

  • Masons
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Road repair experience/equipment
  • Small appliance/tool repair
  • Laborers
  • Gardeners
  • Plumbers
  • Septic
  • Painters
  • Yard maintenance/mowing
  • Roofers
  • Mechanics (automotive/Diesel)

Please stay informed and involved. The best way to know what’s happening is to come to community meetings, check this website, and reach out to the board via email.

You can contact the Road/Maintenance Committee directly at roads@pmlfcommunity.com