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PMLF Community Association Picture Gallery

Pocono Mountain Lake Forest Community Association

PMLF Event Picture Gallery

Posted December 22, 2020

PMLF Christmas Light Contest - Congratulations to Bill and Donna Hagan at 123 Robin Lane for winning this year's 2020 Christmas Light Contest!

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Posted October 10, 2020

PMLF Fall 2020 General Membership Meeting - A quorum for General Membership meetings consists of 7 percent of voting members was met.

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Posted June 24, 2019

PMLF Community Yard Sales - IBoard's first community yard sale was a big success. 3 families listed their address to have their items sold at their own homes and 6 families brought their items down to the clubhouse to sell. over 80 people passed through and bought. It was a beautiful day to be out and talk to neighbors and meet new people. We are looking to have another one in the Fall, so start cleaning out your closets now so you are ready.

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Posted June 13, 2019

PMLF End of School Ice Cream Event - An ice cream event was held on June 12th at the clubhouse by the recreation community celebrating the end of the school year for children of all ages within our community. Thank you everyone that volunteered and participated in this event!

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Posted May 20, 2019

PMLF Community Clean Up Event - The beautification committee would like to thank all of the members that came out on a beautiful Saturday morning to help us clean up our community. We have more planned to beautify our community .... so if you were unable to join us but would still like to help we will be posting more opportunities for you to do so.

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Posted April 17, 2019

PMLF Easter Event for Kids - The recreation committee organized an event for kids at the clubhouse. The first of many more events to be held for the children of this community.

PMLF Easter Event Picture Slide.

Posted April 4, 2019

PMLF VOLUNTEERISM AT IT’S BEST - Volunteers started before the snow with patchwork, and are continuing their efforts to fill all the many potholes that have been impossible to avoid when we travel throughout the community. Below are pictures of the roadways followed by upgrades to Wren, Pleasant, Robin, Hound and many others are in the ‘works’. Our residents are doing all of this work with the generous donations of many of our residents. To all, you are appreciated.

PMLF Road Improvement Gate 2 Picture Slide.