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Pocono Mountain Lake Forest Community Association

Standing Committees

COMMITTEE MEETINGS: All meetings are held in the clubhouse or Zoom meeting.

  1. Grievance – Deals with conflict resolution/fines. 7 Member committee, we need more volunteers.
  2. Recreation/Social Committee - We are looking for members to join this committee. If interested please email Janet Wexler opsinc@aol.com or recreation@pmlfcommunity.com. This Committee will plan and implement PMLF Community celebrations, parties and fundraisers.
  3. Communication, Newsletter & Tech Committee - We work on the newsletter and the updating and maintaining the community website. If interested please email newsletter@pmlfcommunity.com
  4. Governing Documents Committee - We are working on revisions to the 2015 bylaws using the 2008 bylaws as a basis to work from. Our proposal will be ready to be voted on at the Fall General Membership Meeting
  5. Oversight Committee - The newly proposed definitions for an Oversight committee are coming soon. You can contact us by emailing oversight@pmlfcommunity.com
  6. Finance Committee - We are still missing information to make a budget but are working diligently to finish the new budget.
  7. Roads Committee - A Full Maintenance Committee update to the community can be found on the community website https://www.pmlfcommunity.com/PMLF_RoadsMaintenance.php You can contact us by email roads@pmlfcommunity.com

Please send us your email address and phone number and which one or more committees you are interested in joining to: office@pmlfcommunity.com