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PMLF | Message to Our Residents

Pocono Mountain Lake Forest Community Association

Message to Our Residents

June 3, 2020

Dear Neighbor,

Recently Mr. Floss and others sent you a letter claiming to be the president of PMLF asking people to send him money under the premise it was for dues. It is our belief, based on Association records that Mr. Floss is NOT in any way associated with the administration of the community since not only was he legally removed in February of 2017, we also feel they are violating the intent of the Judgment which asked both parties to cease and desist any activities. Most important, know that Mr. Floss et al, by filing this appeal, are all personally responsible for putting everything into a holding pattern, with no one able to go forward, to fix our roads, to do the needed pool repairs, and most importantly to hold an election and return the community to membership control. As you may recall, the judge demanded both sides to meet March 4th after injunction was denied to review financials and set a new election with the Judge overseeing same. The very thing the IBOD was fighting for. You should know the IBOD presented all their financials to the Judge and their attorney. The week before March 4th, these individuals once again filed litigation to halt anything going forward in our community. If you choose to send in your hard-earned money, please remember all the dues previously paid to these individuals never seemed to go to the amenities needing repairs, like fixing roads, repairing the pool, etc. We remain cautious about collecting dues. As of this date we have NOT yet decided to collect dues but voice concerns about snow removal next winter requiring money in the bank. Any attempt to collect dues did not come from the IBOD. We urge you to be wary of any attempt by anyone to collect dues.

The Interim Board of Directors (IBOD) has until now abided in good faith by the terms of the court order of January 31, 2020. Had Mr. Floss et al did the right thing and proceeded to meet with the Judge on March 4th, we would not be in the situation that exists now. We honored that order until Mr. Floss's blatant attempt to (fraudulently in our opinion) collect Association dues and his obviously false claim to be President persuading us that we can no longer sit quietly by and allow further damage to our community. Know that we will remain cognizant of and in agreement with Judge Chelak's intent to hold an election and reset the Association's administration to ensure that it is fairly and legally elected by the membership and will move towards the GMM meeting of October 18th 11am in the Clubhouse. Accordingly, it has been decided to reinstitute the IBOD in a very limited functional capacity, as follows:

  • We will continue our efforts to make the membership roster accurate and complete so EVERY property gets a ballot and an opportunity to vote, as is their legal right. The membership data we started with was so incomplete and in many cases actually wrong that it has been a difficult, time consuming chore, but we have accomplished a huge improvement.
  • Accordingly we are moving forward to the GMM meeting of October 18th (Sunday) at 11am in the Clubhouse. All election forms and documents are being updated to address adopting a 2019/2020 Budget and a roster of candidates interested in being on our Board. A detailed plan will be submitted to Judge Chelak to demonstrate our intent to make this election as fair and legal as possible highlighting the mechanics that will be used to insure this.
  • The IBOD has appointed Gail Schweda, a "Certified Inspector of Election" for corporate shareholding voting, to oversee the next election so we have full confidence she will conduct an election that is completely above suspicion. There will be no room for any accusation of bias, interference or fraud of any type. If you wish to review her credentials, you can go to Linked-In and review credentials and resume.
  • We too are angry about the conditions of our roads which are continuing to disintegrate as well as other issues of a critical nature that need to be taken care of before someone gets injured. We previously purchased redi-mix concrete/gravel materials so as a first step in moving forward, we are reactivating the volunteer road repair committee and are looking for community members who will work to fill potholes and help on this project. Please help if you can. Send your name to our email with contact info or leave a message: 1-570-851-0295.

There have been complaints about people shooting and even hunting on Association property. If you see or hear such an occurrence collect as much data as you safely can for submission to the new BoD.

Speeding of ATVs, trail bikes and vehicles has become a critical problem. Please document, again safely, any speeding incidents you witness for submission to the new BoD. Use of ATVs is prohibited in our By Laws. The State Police have been put on alert and you may see them from time to time in our community for this reason.

There are Association bills that must be paid in our efforts to repair the previously grossly damaged financial reputation of the Association which the IBOD Inherited. Any expenses that are not time critical or safety related will be put off until the new BoD is in office.

All this will be stopped if Judge Chelak tells to stop but as noted we believe we can no longer abide by the stayed court order given the bad faith and what we believe to be the fraudulent behavior exhibited by Mr. Floss and those associated with him.

Questions can be submitted to office@pmlfcommunity.com or send in your name and email to this address for help on any of the committees established, especially the Road Maintenance Committee which we want to get back up and running. All information will continue to be posted on our website and if you wish to leave a message, the phone number is: 570-851-0295. Someone will return your call. Finally interested on serving on future Board, send in your resume to our email and your name will go on the ballot.

Questions can be submitted to office@pmlfcommunity.com. WE WILL GET PAST THIS AND INTO A NEW TOMORROW BUT ONLY WITH ALL YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT!
Thank you,